sendmail-5.67+1.6W-hp Patch

sendmail-5.67+1.6W-hp unofficial patch [28Oct1992] (共著)
From: (hash)
Newsgroups: fj.sources
Subject: sendmail 5.67+1.6W unoffical patch for HP-UX and HI-UX/WE2
Keywords: sendmail, HP-UX, HI-UX/WE2, HP, Hitachi
Date: 28 Oct 92 12:41:08 GMT
Distribution: fj
Organization: Computer Center, Chiba Univ.
This is a beta version patch of sendmail 5.67 + 1.6W for HP-UX ( Hewlett-Packard ) and HI-UX/WE2 ( Hitachi ). We would like to test and check our patches.

Our patch contains 3 files.

Please read this file first. "nougaki" means "READ_ME" in Japanese :-)
Additional files ( Shell archive format )
Patch file ( some patches )

--------------------- start of nougaki ---------------------------
readme first
HP-UX and HI-UX/WE2 are "nice and fine" UNIX systems. Sendmail program was supported from HP-UX 8.05 and HI-UX 01.02 version. However, it seemed to be incorrectly under DNS (Berkeley Internet Domain Name Server ) and MX ( mail exchanger ) environ- ments . So we tried to install BSD sendmail 5.67 ( Berkeley Net2 ) + 1.6W( WIDE project ) on HP-UX and HI-UX/WE2. 1.6W is a patch that supports various functions. You can get it from the following anonymous ftp sites. (
Location: /pub/net
FILE rw-r--r-- 264495 Mar 29 1992 sendmail.5.67+1.6W.tar.Z (
Location: /pub/net
FILE r--r--r-- 264495 Mar 29 1992 sendmail.5.67+1.6W.tar.Z (
Location: /net/mail/WIDE-sendmail
FILE rw-r--r-- 264495 Mar 25 1992 sendmail.5.67+1.6W.tar.Z
In comp.sys.hp, Mike Peterson ( University of Toronto Chemistry Department, ) showed his collection of porting "tricks" and routines on 10 Aug 92 19:07:11 GMT. Those are very useful for us. We use them for porting sendmail 5.67 +1.6W. We thank his kindness.
Masahiro Nakamura (Ghost Com.) a member of "hpmail"
Haruhisa Hayashi (Kyoto Univ. Grad. Student)
Akihiro Hashimoto (Comp. Center, Chiba Univ)

Compile Environment

File name
#inclde "port.h"
includes some trick from comp.sys.hp
to get TZ name add "extern char *tzname[]" line
comment out USE_TM_ZONE
HP-UX & HI-UX/WE2 don't support EPROCLIM
src/pathnames.h & sendmail.fc
Makefile for HP-UX
Makefile for HI-UX/WE2
BSD flock pefrom routine ..Comp.sys.hp
maximum number of file descriptors ..Comp.sys.hp
HI-UX/WE2 lacks GETSHORT in nameser.h.


  1. Our programs come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Please use them at your own risk.
  2. Our programs have no relations and no connection with our research works and bussiness, So University and Company have no relations and no connection with programs.


This version is only beta release. Some troubles and problems may cause serious damage to your mail systems. Bug reports are welcome if the reports are written in English. If you find them, please send Bug reports with your advice and comments to following e-mail addresses.

KNOWN BUG) a queue operand seem to be wrong. For example ," sendmail -oi -q "

  1. Change directory to original 5.67+1.6W. Hereafter we call this directory as $(original).
  2. Please read original src/TODO , src/READ_ME and so on.
  3. Copy files.
  4. Extract additinal files.
  5. Apply patches.
  6. Make
    1. case of HP-UX
      • cd src
      • make -f Makefile.HP
    2. case of HI-UX/WE2
      • cd src
      • make -f Makefilke.HIUXWE2
--------------------end of nougaki ------------------------------
当時、一般に使用されていた sendmail-5.67+1.6W を HP用にと改造したもの。 それまで使っていた SunOS4.xから HP に乗り換えた私が、「HPの仕様」に 泣かされることになる記念すべき第1段(笑)。 さらに、
  • HPUX の lockf の問題
  • local delivery での /bin/mail への引数
パッチをget 追加パッチ&説明ファイルをget

→ Internet関連業績(笑)

はやし はるひさ hayashi あっとまーく laic.u-hyogo.学術.日本

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